CAMO To CAPS A program to serve WVU military students with backpacks of school gear.

Many of us do march to a different drummer, but most of us will have no problem getting with this program.

Camo to Caps kicked off an effort last week to collect school supplies for veterans and active-duty members of the military who are enrolled as students at WVU. The gear will be distributed in January.

The launch of this program on the heels of recent Veterans Day celebrations serves as a reminder that the needs of our current and former members of the military exstend beyond one holiday.

It’s no secret that our country is still at was in Afghanistan and has nearly 70,000 troops stationed there, alone. Almost twice that numbers are stationed outside our country in scores of nations and another 1 million plus are on duty right here at home. Veterans numbers total more than 23 million across the nation, with some 170,000 calling West Virginia Home.

Though there are a host of programs and services offered by federal, state and local governments for these men and women, there is still a need for the private sector, nonprofits and the community to do more.

The Camo to Caps program is maneuvering through the Operation Welcome Home center, a military family support group, at Mylan Park. Though few if any words are as heartwarming as “Welcome Home” to the military family, the mission this program hopes to fulfill speaks far louder than any words.

We realize there are any number of good causes seeking your consideration during this season of giving. But we muster for this one special reasons.

Of course, the first is it’s new in our area and can use some added recognition, however it’s all the more important because it calls attention to WVU’s military students.

Every student at WVU sometimes probably feels a little lost of overwhelmed among his or her 30.000 peers. But we suspect for those returning from military or active duty enrolled at the university is more of an adjustment then for most

Through banners, applause and picking up restaurant tabs are all appreciated, we cannot think of anything more important to aid their transition back to civilian life than an education.

Make no mistake, the packs of supplies these military students will deploy with in WVU’s winter semester should serve them well.

But perhaps more importantly, they will also help to remind them our community not only salutes them, but is in step with them – in and out of uniform.

IF YOU WANT to contribute to Camo to Caps, Call Brett Simpson, at Operation Welcome Home: 681-212-9264

Marion County Chamber of Commerce Veteran’s Day 10K Run/2 Mile Walk

November 10, 2012 9:00 am



Tee Shirts provided to the first 150 registrants

10K Run $25 ($30 after Nov.1)

2 Mile Walk $10 ($15 after Nov. 1)

**All Veterans and Active Military Run Free**

Medals awarded to top three winners in each age category.

Please call or email the Chamber to obtain an application